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General Conditions

The customer agrees with trading conditions for goods delivery proclamated by the seller. The relationship between the customer and the seller are derived from the following conditions, which are mandatory for the both sides.

Ordering goods and services

We offer you hereby shopping availability directly from Your house, where you are able to make shopping non-stop. You can easily and comfortably make orders using the shopping cart, phone, e-mail or written to our contact address.
The subject of the agreement is only the goods in the sales of goods agreement – Order. Dimensions, weight, capacity and other data provided on our web pages, catalogues, prospects and other printed proclamations are copied from the data, provided us by supplier. In the case of misunderstanding we will surely contact you.
We sing up hereby to deliver only in the perfect condition and according to specification or features common for this kind of goods, corresponding to the norms, proclamations and regulations valid for the Czech Republic.
Mandatory condition for our electronic order validity is filling-in all required data, mentioned on our order form. The order is also a trading agreement concept, when the trading agreement is valid from the delivery moment. For the trading agreement sing up the confirmation of order by the customer is required. In individual, especially more difficult cases, seller reserves the privilege to enclose the agreement confirmation personally or by phone and prepayment settlement from the customer.
In the case, when in the time from ordering the goods, currency course became significant or price change from the supplier for the sort of supplied goods became significant, our company reserves the privilege to change the order after the agreement of the customer, or cancel the order unilaterally with the immediate validity. The same privilege we reserve even in case of supplier stops the production of supplied goods or promotes the new modification of supplied goods.

Order confirmation

The order is accepted in 24 hours, the order confirmation we will send you to your e-mail, you will be noticed about the delivery by e-mail also. In the case of misunderstanding we will surely contact you.

Order cancelation

Every single order customer reserves the privilege to cancel the order in 24 hours by phone or e-mail, without the reason explanation. It is only needed to provide customer’s name, e-mail and the desription of the ordered goods or services.

Packaging and the post supplements

Ordered goods we will send you as cash on delivery. In the case you are on our trading delivery targets we will contact you by phone or by e-mail. In the case the amount of order is bigger amount than 3500 €, the delivery supplements are free of charge. It is also possible to change the delivery conditions by specification of the individual order. The price of order can change due to the weight of the ordered goods.

Delivery date

The delivery date is between 3-21 days for the products on stock, for the manufacturing order is delivery date individually agreed with the customer. In the case the ordered products are sold out of our stock, we will contact you immediately.

Goods exchange

In the case of need we will exchange the ordered, not used and not damaged products for the other products. The goods delivery by the registered packet (not by the cash on delivery) to our address is only needed. The exchange costs are fully supplied by the customer.

Complaint and warranty

Any complaints we will process by the individual agreement with the customer and according to the valid system of law. The customer is obliged to verify the goods at the delivery time, so he could find any defect or damage. Customer has to inform us about any defects or damages immediately. We do not take any warranty for damage by the delivery system.

We take warranty for 24 months over the all goods, if it is not described another way. The warranty is taken over the manufacturing defects only.

The warranty is not taken over :

  1. defects raised by the common use
  2. invalid use of the product
  3. invalid store of product

Complaint walkthrough

  1. inform us about the complaint by phone, e-mail or written form.
  2. Send us the goods as the registered packed (not as a cash on delivery) to our address.
  3. Describe the reason of the complaint, your address.
  4. The receipt of payment for the complaint goods from our company.

We will process your complaint as soon as possible, at least until 30 days from the complaint delivery. In the case of longer complaint process we will contact you immediately.

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